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Cookies for this website are solely used for the purposes of analytics, and therefore there is no profiling or technical data stored as a result of cookies used by this website. What this means is that the cookies which are used merely identify individual users for the purposes of statistics. The data from cookies allow the collating of statistics relating to visitor numbers, time spent on the website, the portal from which you came through to this website (whether you accessed this through a referral link, or directly, and to which page of the website), the operating system which you are using, and the browser which you are using.

The cookies used on this website do not collect any other personal data, so no targeted advertising through profiling. This also means there will be no targeted political messages, or fake news propagated to you on a targeted and profiled basis. If you feel for any reason feel that the contents of this website (namely a blog about culture, travel, photography, and geekery) happen to be propagating a political message, then this is all merely coincidental.

The cookies on this website also do not result in the storage of any technical data, as there are no settings to be saved at all through your viewing of this website.

If, however, you still do not wish to allow this website to use cookies, then you can disable them for this specific website within your browser’s own settings.